jeudi 11 janvier 2007

Noël aux Philippines

Maligayang Pasko and Bonne année !
I just came back from the Philippines where I spent three weeks eating and catching up with family and friends. Needless to say that it was absolut heaven.

And now I am back in reality, with a 10 page essay to hand in next week, and exams for the whole month of January... But I don't care, I had a perfect holiday :)

Christmas in Manila was crazy. The whole city is even busier than it usually is. Traffic everywhere, people are shopping, singing, smiling... Days before Christmas, you spend your time wrapping gifts and dropping them at your friends and family's homes. Then you spend Christmas with your close family (hmm, lets say around thirty people for lunch and thirty people for dinner...).
For the whole New Year's eve you just can't hear each other because of all the firecrackers. We had some in our garden and it was really impressive. Even the really nice (and dangerous) ones with so many colours...

I don't have any picture because I forgot most of them in Manila, but here is a picture of this really nice place called Pansol (an hour and a half from Manila) which has natural hot springs (it's near a volcano). So this swimming pool actually has natural hot water, and you can take a plastic chair and just sit under the (hot) waterfall and relax !! :)

Merry Xmas and Happpy New Year to all of you, and see u soon British - Chinese people !!!

Et bonne année aux franco-suisses dont la communauté va s'aggrandir avec l' heureuse arrivée du bon Johnny (ah que peut on faire contre la fuite des cerveaux...) ;)