mercredi 31 mai 2006

Saint Eustache and the University Choir

On Monday and Tuesday, I had exams. And I still have one left friday on a subject called "Entreprises en dificultés" about the law applied to companies going through financial problems. yey.
Anyway, a week ago, when it was still the happy and carefree days, I went to see a friend of mine sing with the Choirs of the Universities Of Paris. There was an orchestra, and the concert took place in the Church of Saint Eustache in the center of Paris. Very impressive.

Hum, my friend is... dressed in black and has a red book. Isn't she lovely ? ;)

Back to work now, companies with financial difficulties here I come!

jeudi 18 mai 2006

The Wrong Guy ;)

Maybe you've already heard of him : his name is Guy Goma, he is said to be from Congo, and has been living in the Uk for 4 years. He was applying for a job in the BBC, when, mistaken for an IT expert, he ended up being interviewed live on Tv and being asked his opinion on a major computer lawsuit...

This is hilarious, specially when Guy Goma realizes there has been a mistake, but still continues to give his opinion to the journalist about the lawsuit.
If you want to read the full story :,,2-2182315,00.html

By the way, here is what the real Guy Kewney, IT expert really looks like : Just wish Guy Goma got the job. :)

mardi 16 mai 2006

Examens et migraine en vue

The countdown has now started: less than two weeks left before taking all my exams... So won't be much on internet.

This year, because of all that happenned with the demonstrations and strikes, my 6 exams are set to take place over only two days in the suburbs of Paris... :( And both days will begin at 8h30. So have to go back and study...

I must admit, lately I've been wishing I could be as relaxed as this guy in front of Notre-Dame...

Pic on the top was taken along the river (Seine), near Notre Dame.

Message to the Cave(wo)men : ;) hope to see you very soon !! (you too L!! ), will email you once all this is over...

lundi 8 mai 2006

Sunday at the "Tuileries" parc

As many Parisians -and from now on, as many tourists- I spent my sunday afternoon in the parc, and along the river...
Since winter ended (fingers crossed!), it is amazing how more crowded Paris has become :)

Kids are everywhere, running, laughing and playing...
Likewise, cops are all over Paris, running, biking and even horseriding...
and some people are just relaxing... ;)

mercredi 3 mai 2006

Meuhh... ? Ou contempler le temps passer

I am loosing track of time. I am either in the middle of nowhere or busy studying in Paris.