jeudi 18 mai 2006

The Wrong Guy ;)

Maybe you've already heard of him : his name is Guy Goma, he is said to be from Congo, and has been living in the Uk for 4 years. He was applying for a job in the BBC, when, mistaken for an IT expert, he ended up being interviewed live on Tv and being asked his opinion on a major computer lawsuit...

This is hilarious, specially when Guy Goma realizes there has been a mistake, but still continues to give his opinion to the journalist about the lawsuit.
If you want to read the full story :,,2-2182315,00.html

By the way, here is what the real Guy Kewney, IT expert really looks like : Just wish Guy Goma got the job. :)

3 commentaires:

Dave a dit…

easy mistake to make. they do look quite alike.

L a dit…

He did get the job by the way, was invited back to speak about the incident during news at weekend.

Have to say bravo BBC. Now that's what you call a job interview, none of this namby pamby filling out forms - or silly questions like what could you bring to the job.

Let's face it any job in IT just involves ignoring people as long as possible and then pretending to know what you're talking about when talking about computers. If he can fake knowing about computers on live TV, he should be made head of the IT department.

mimi a dit…

really? great! happy to hear that he got the job :)