mercredi 31 mai 2006

Saint Eustache and the University Choir

On Monday and Tuesday, I had exams. And I still have one left friday on a subject called "Entreprises en dificultés" about the law applied to companies going through financial problems. yey.
Anyway, a week ago, when it was still the happy and carefree days, I went to see a friend of mine sing with the Choirs of the Universities Of Paris. There was an orchestra, and the concert took place in the Church of Saint Eustache in the center of Paris. Very impressive.

Hum, my friend is... dressed in black and has a red book. Isn't she lovely ? ;)

Back to work now, companies with financial difficulties here I come!

3 commentaires:

Dave a dit…

Wow, either thos people are all really small or thats quite a big place. Your friend looks good.

L a dit…

Bonne chance!

Bonav a dit…

Mais oui .. c'est elle au 3ème rang à gauche, avec les cheveux et les yeux !