dimanche 2 avril 2006

Poisson d'avril or a party in the countryside...

Just came back from a week-end spent near Paris, where some friends organised a party.. :)
Because the party took place on the 1st of April, the theme was "fish". Of course most of us had no idea how to dress, but one of the friends organising the party is an artist - a street artist, and in a few minutes he did this:

And here he is preparing another one :

... wow :)

- and just to say 'bon rétablissement" to Macca who has been kissing too many girlzzz ;) and to Laurent who has been trying to learn how to fly and unfortunately is not Superman -even when he's drunk.

5 commentaires:

L a dit…

That top pic is superb, looks like sort of monster that was sketched in old navigator maps (back when ppl thought the world was flat) very good, almost Monty Python-esque.

Did you take any close ups of it? Or any pics of ur friends other work?

Dave a dit…

CaveMoWan? Who is that? :)

Cool fish.

mimi a dit…

oups... Cavewoman... aka Mrs Caveman. A typical greek name ;)

L: unfortunately i didn't take any close ups, but i will look if i have other pics of his works... He is right now located in Bruxelles... So if you get to be in Bruxelles, open your eyes ... ;)

(do you remember last time i told you (on msn)i was going to the exhibit of a sculptor and a "painter", he is the "painter"

Jean a dit…

wow. i'd like to attend some party like this if I can eat lots fish... Yummy yummy.

Jean a dit…

By the way, yesterday we had meal with Natlia and her bf (I'll never be able to pronounce his name), we had a fun night, I miss you a lot.