vendredi 30 juin 2006

Bicycle ride ou l'escapade à vélo

Last week, a friend and I decided to go biking in the coutryside for several days :)

On my way back to Paris I received a phone call from this Law firm to which I had applied previously, aking me if I were free for an interview. A few days later I had the interview, they asked questions on legal matters, on me, on what I intended to do in the future etc... And bam, they accepted me as a trainee !!!!! I am sooooo excited and nervous as I have never trained in a law firm before!!

Anyway, the good thing is, as I might try to become a lawyer next year, I think it could be a good idea that I get some experience first and be sure that it is what I want to do, and as they want me to train for three months I am sure to get a general picture of what it is to be a lawyer in an international law firm. The bad thing is I don't get any holiday this year, as I am starting next monday and finishing on the 29th of september...

But I will definitely try to see if I can get a few days off to come over to Liverpool :)

4 commentaires:

Dave a dit…


I hope you really enjoy it and become a fantastic lawyer and remember me and macca if we mess up this bank robbery we have planned.

mimi a dit…

haha... Sure, will write about it soon, third day of my internship and I can tell: LAWYERS never sleep !
But still I will try to get some. Will write to you soon !! Promise! AND HAPPY BDAY to your lovely wife!!!! ;)

pierre a dit…

bravo mamzelle

Mrs Cavewoman a dit…

Ha, lawyers in films always need sleep and have panda eyes. Relax and breath! :)