samedi 11 novembre 2006

Taking time

"Steal me.
Melt my gold centre.
I enter through your dreams,
where you're weak,
and where I'm clean of inhibition.
I'm killing this body, this prison of flesh,
this heart and this head that you loved - put to rest,
but I'll see you in sleep,
when I'm perfect. "

6 commentaires:

Dave a dit…

I think I can safely speak for Jean when i say we would be more than happy to have you stay over for a few days, weeks, months, years...

Why did he die so young? Sad.

It's good that your taking a break, having some time off. Don't let the "to do" pile get too big though.

Smile, Be Happy.

Jean a dit…

:) Very happy to know we'll see you soon.

My job is getting busier and busier as well. But as long as it is part time, it is not that bad.

Went to Bristol last weekend, it was good to breath air from sea. It's a nice city, worth a visit.

Well, have too much to catch up, just hope we can c ya soon. Take care.

pintel a dit…

waddaya mean 'my english is not that good' ?
heck, I wish half of my fellow french people's english would be as good as yours.

Bonav a dit…

Bien d'accord avec mon ami Pintel...
Et tu parles allemand aussi ?

Jean a dit…

Hi, Mimi, Dave and I are going to china the coming Friday, guess wont see you before xmas, wish you a merry xmas! Have fun. Looking forwards to see you next year.


Bonav a dit…

Important de prendre du temps juste pour soi ...