mercredi 30 septembre 2009

A little yellow but a little bit blue

Cat, HCMC, Vietnam, September 2009
Tet Trung Thu.
It is the mid-automn moon festival here in Vietnam, with moon cakes being offered everywhere.
I hope the month of september is not supposed to announce the rest of the year. Bad news from Paris keep hitting me here in Saigon. Bad news from the Philippines too. Not so enthusiastic news here. And now a typhoon devastating everything on its way.
Troi oi. Sometimes, not so easy not to feel a bit blue.

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Jali a dit…

I'm xin loi to read this... et ça me troi oi aussi.
J'imagine que je ne peux rien faire pour toi (à part tenir ma parole et t'envoyer des vrais news un de ces quatre ;) )


Mimi a dit…

Rien à voir, ou si peu, j'ai converti L et CA à Arrested Development. Le cercle s'aggrandit, J, le cercle s'aggrandit ;)

Jali a dit…