lundi 14 décembre 2009

Asian Cup

Vietnam won over Singapour.
Fiesta in HCMC. Nice to see the streets as lively.

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Jali a dit…

t'as regardé le match ? qu'est-ce que tu pensais de la stratégie des vietnamiens sur le terrain, leur défense était-elle au top, ou c'est en attaque que le match c'est joué ?
qui sont les buteurs ?
tu nous laisses trop dans l'inconnue là ;)

M a dit…

Awesome! I was completely blown away when striker Khairul slammed Singapore into an early lead in the 28th minute after receiving a perfect pass from his team mate just outside the penalty box.

Five minutes later striker Thanh Binh earned an equalizer for Vietnam. From a free kick, Thanh Hung drove the ball for Thanh Binh to lash home with a close-range header.

Coach Enrique Calisto’s players continued to dominate the game and carved out many scoring chances, but they were either denied by Singapore’s goalie Hyrul Juma’at or their ball hit the woodwork.

Three minutes before the end of the first half, Thanh Hung ventured down the right and his pinpoint cross was met by Tien Thanh who curled home.

After the interval, Singaporean players produced attacks in the hope of equalising the score, but posed no danger to goalie Tan Truong.

Meanwhile, Vietnamese players began the second half with more zest and looked comfortable in repelling Singaporean attacks.

They also threatened to stun their opponents and their efforts were awarded in the 70th minute when Ngoc Anh received the ball from Thanh Luong and fired a typically clinical shot into the net.

Vietnam scored another goal in the extra time, sealing a 4-1 win over Singapore.

M, aka, the biggest football fan!

-- for Ip purposes, disclaimer:
(but it amazingly exactly reflects what I thought of the game!)

Jali a dit…

J'avais pas fini la première phrase que j'ai été voir en bas si tu avais mis la source, qui ne pouvait être toi.
4-1 c'est un beau score, y a-t-il eu des voitures brulées dans certaines banlieues ? (chez nous ça se fait)