vendredi 18 février 2011

Art Protection

Banteay Srey, Cambodia, February 2011
Great time visiting beautiful temples with friends.
Banteay Srey has a very interesting cultural center explaining the origins and meaning of the temples, bas-reliefs etc. T
he temple was looted in 1923 by the young André Malraux who later became Minister of Culture from 1959 to 1969. Sadly and annoyingly, French intellectuals and "art lovers" are still highly amused and/or admirative of Malraux's "adventures".
[Unrelated note: our current Minister of Culture seems to also have fond memories of his visits in Thailand (though of a completely different nature). French Ministers of Culture tend to be quite sensitive to the "charms" of South East Asia.]

2 commentaires:

Jali a dit…

comme ça balance ici!
C'est marrant on dirait deux photos l'une sur l'autre.

pierre a dit…

tiens, j'ai raté ce musée... en meme temps, ca m'aurait surement enervé de lire les aventures de malraux.