samedi 18 mars 2006

Sortie ensoleillée ou vice cachée?

Stuck at home on a bright sun-shining beautiful Saturday because I must write an essay on a dreadful little tiny contract clause in 1996 .

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L a dit…

Heard in the British press that the protests were pretty peaceful, and reported figures varied from 80,000 to 400,000. Any idea which were closer? Some are suggesting that the protests are not just about employment, but also about 'the French's feelings for their future in increasingly globablised planet'.

Others mentioned how there are feelings the countries educational system are failing the young, that more should train to be electricians and plumbers and the value of degrees are diminishing. If so i expect similar feelings will begin to take hold in the UK soon, as i personally feel these are issues facing the UK which we seem happy to ignore at the moment.

Dave a dit…

heard it got a little out of control later. Hope no one you know got hurt.

any idea on what the real numbers where? "trade unions said, 350,000 people took part in Paris. Police put the number of demonstrators in the capital at around 80,000."

And for the whole of France numbers go from 500,000 to 1.5 million.