lundi 20 mars 2006

Les casseurs or the problem of demonstrations...

Here are some pics of the "Place de la Sorbonne" which is the "Sorbonne square" in front of the Uni, but they have put this "wall" all around the student quarter. This walls are mainly due to the 'casseurs' unfortunately. Only students are allowed eventually to get in after showing your student ID, but we must be "escorted" by one of those guys below, and explain why we need to get in.

On the wall (have no idea how they were able to write on it, as I think -or I thought- that the police was always in front of it), it is written: Police everywhere, Justice nowhere.

Sorry for the poor quality of these pics but I was in a hurry, and i took them while I was walking.

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L a dit…

'Police everywhere, justice nowhere' superb poetic vandalism. Very disturbing situation though, clearly not a suitable learning environment for students.

British press is as always torn between their opinions of this story. The leftwing press feel that the French youths are the be applauded for their efforts, though with a slightly patronising edge to their reporting reminding all of revolutionary nature of France. Rightwing/ conservative media emphasising that French youth needs to accept their fate on getting pooed on in jobs and suggesting that being able to fire workers so easily would improve conditions for them (was actually an American columnist who claimed that).

No wonder your police are looked upon with mistrust, they look like Storm Troopers in there uniforms.

Mimi a dit…

:) actually not all policemen are dressed that way... But yeah, I agree, I think they look like a sort of Robocop. It's fascinating, cause they put on their protections in front of my Uni, and they actually need the help of their coworkers to dress up. They are a special unit trained for situations where many people are implied (such as demonstrations...). So, in demonstrations, when things are getting out of hand, usually people who are not casseurs step aside, because it's pretty bad and scary if you get squeezed in between "casseurs" and "CRS"(those policemen)-both of them capable of being violent. A few years ago, I was crossing a pretty tensed demonstration, and I found myself in between the group of "violent anarchists" (not all anarchists are violent) and the left wing party (violent anarchists HATE the socialist party), so the "CRS" quickly arrived, and one of them ran towards me, grabed me and carried me on the side. Unfortunately, there are also many cases where the CRS hit protesters whithout really making a difference when things are getting out of hand.
I read there is one guy who is in the coma right now.

Dave a dit…

On a completely unrelated note:

to translate jean's blog I use

(the gramma comes out... interesting...)

and Aline now has a site

must say, people who do graffiti never fail to impress me, be it risking there lives writing on the side of a bridge or having the balls to slag off the police in a place guarded by the police 24/7.

I kind of see it happening like in the life of Brian.

M a dit…

For a nice pic on the events: